For Teens

Unique Health Care Needs

Figuring Kids OutTeenagers have unique concerns and health care needs. Yet, most pediatric providers feel uncomfortable with teens and discourage their participation in their practices. We practice exceptional adolescent medicine and have designed separate exam rooms just for teens and young adults. We have pioneered the care of children from cradle through college, extending the traditional boundaries of pediatric care to age 23 years.

Senders Pediatrics is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and cutting edge information. When an issue arises or if you are just looking for a bit more information, the internet can be a bit overwhelming and unsettling. For this reason, we have created a library of various educational topics, written uniquely by our providers themselves, to give you our take. If you do not find what you are looking for, please call our office and we would be happy to discuss it with you.


Here are a few of our most popular health topics for Teens. Click here to view a complete list of our Health Topics


What causes acne? There are many contributors in the formation of this annoying problem, which affects both adolescents and adults. 80-90% of teens, and 10% of adults, must deal with acne. Y...

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Cold Care

What is a cold? A cold means different things to different people. What we will be discussing are illnesses characterized by any or all of the following: runny nose, cough, congestion, ac...

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Contraception (Birth Control)

Females start on contraceptive medications for a variety of reasons. These reasons include preventing pregnancy, heavy or irregular periods, severe cramping, acne, taking another prescription drug ...

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Sore Throat and Strep Throat

What causes sore throat? Sore throat or pharyngitis has a variety of causes: Dry Air: This is a very common cause of throat discomfort and morning complaints. In the fall and wint...

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Urinary Tract Infections

What are urinary tract infections? Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs are bacterial infections of the bladder and the kidney. When the bladder alone is involved, it is called cystitis. When...

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