Alexandra (Russ) Juratovac

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Alexandra "Ali Russ"

Department: Research

Position: Clinical Research Team Lead

Phone Number: 216-291-9210


Alexandra (Russ) Juratovac

Clinical Research Team Lead

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Ali started with Senders Pediatrics in 2012 as a Clinical Research Coordinator, helping to drive our research efforts in a total of fifty-seven studies during her tenure. As a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator, she became the Clinical Research Team Lead in 2016, and now oversees all aspects of clinical trials, including patient recruitment, source document creation, maintenance of study supplies and drugs, and budget development. Although she is one of the most organized and methodical people we know, what’s most apparent when you meet Ali is her compassion for our patients and families, and her desire to go above and beyond to help meet the needs of those we serve.