Parent Coaching

The Journey Through Parenthood

Although all of us have had experience being parented, it is not until we have children that we begin to acquire experience in being the parent. Depending on the parenting we received, we may begin our journey with a well-stocked tool box or perhaps very few use-able tools. Either way, raising children is a big job and the more tools the better. Senders Pediatrics is here to help increase the tools that you as a parent will have at your disposal by providing one-on-one parent coaching and group parenting classes with our Parent Coaches.

Meet our Parenting Coach

Joan Morgenstern is an Early Childhood Educator with more than thirty years of professional experience. She has extensive training in Conscious Discipline, is a certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor and a certified trainer in the Nurtured Heart Approach®.  Her work as a classroom teacher, school director and mom of three have provided her with extensive practical experience and enhanced her breadth and depth of knowledge in the field of child development.

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching provides individuals or couples the opportunity to look at challenging family situations in a safe and supportive space. New perspectives, added skills, and fresh encouragement can turn frustration and negative reactions into proactive opportunities that allow you to teach your children a better way to respond to conflict. Coaching also supports parents in getting on the same page in order to set forth a more cohesive family foundation. When couples are able to support each other in their parenting, all aspects of the family environment are strengthened.

Our Technique

Techniques used in the coaching process are based on current brain research within a child development framework. They have been specifically designed to effect changes in the lives of adults first. How we perceive a situation shapes the actions we take. When we are confident in our own path we are better able to guide children in their emotional growth. The skills gained through coaching become the building blocks for a more cooperative and peaceful family life but their positive effects spill over to all aspects of adult interactions.

Parent Coaching is not “therapy” and is not designed to replace or conflict with services provided by psychologists or social workers. In fact, some of our most consistent referrals come from the world of pediatric psychiatry, psychology and social work.

Scheduling Your Coaching Experience

Coaching sessions are for 50 minutes and are scheduled on the hour. We have found that 3 sessions form the foundation for a successful coaching experience and so, 3 sessions are sold as a package although individual coaching sessions are available. Following initial consultation, additional packages may be purchased. Coaching sessions need not be completed all at once. In fact, it is often ideal to space out sessions to gain real world experiences with the skills and concepts discussed.

To schedule an initial parent coaching session or to schedule follow-up coaching sessions, please call 216-291-9210.

Current Parenting Classes:

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