Travel Clinic

Planning a Trip Abroad?

Our office is pleased to offer travel clinic visits for patients who are planning a trip abroad. These visits include the following:

  • Travel counseling before your trip including immunization advice
  • Required vaccinations based on the travel destination
  • Health alerts
  • Safety tips

Call Ahead to Plan to Your Visit

Please call for your child’s travel clinic visit at least 4-6 weeks prior to the travel date, in order to allow time for our staff to investigate the needs or the particular location you are travelling to. When you call, please have the following information available:

  • Place of travel (city and all areas within the country that will be visited)
  • Duration of trip
  • Departure date
  • Where they will be staying
  • Previous travel to that location

Our Process

Unfortunately, Travel Clinic Visits are not a covered service for any insurance company. As a result, all services provided are to be paid in full at the time of service. The fee for the travel clinic visit is $59.00 for the first patient and $39.00 for each additional patient, which includes a personalized advisory note as well as prescriptions for any medications that may be necessary during the trip. In addition, there is a fee associated with any “travel vaccines” such as Typhoid and Hepatitis A which are not normally reimbursed by insurance companies. As part of this service, we also review the entire vaccine schedule and if any “routine vaccines” are necessary, we will provide them as well. Because your child is an established patient at our practice, we will submit the fees for these “routine vaccines” for payment by your insurance company and they will become your responsibility only in the event that they are not covered or that they are applied to coinsurance or deductibles. Call our office at 216-291-9210 to schedule your appointment.