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Child Abuse Warning Signs

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Unfortunately, we live in age where the physical and sexual abuse of children is commonplace and every parent must be on guard against this horrible, long lasting crime. The following is a list of clues to the presence of child abuse:

  • Unexplained or poorly explained injuries
  • Injuries that are out of proportion to the child’s developmental stage i.e. a fractured leg in a newborn
  • Stories of abuse told by the child
  • Evidence of physical or violent discipline
  • Changes in childhood personality to any extreme
  • Inappropriate aggressiveness or sexual play by the child

Make sure to instruct your child about body awareness as soon as he/she can comprehend the meaning of personal boundaries. Teach your child to tell all whenever someone tries to use violence or sexual advance.

Call us, if there are any questions or suspicions. And if you are really frustrated, call 696-KIDS, the child abuse hotline, and they will help you investigate the situation. Unfortunately, the child abuse authorities have little power to stop or punish abusers. If you suspect abuse, get your child out as soon as possible and file a report.