Office Policies

Navigating Our Office Policies

At Senders Pediatrics, our goal is to not only provide outstanding health care but to provide value to you, our patients and the families of our patients. To that end, we have developed office policies that make it easier for you to navigate the health care system in general and our office in particular. This section reviews some of the more common office policies. Specific information on record transfer, treatment of minors and non-discrimination can be accessed in specific sub-links.


Scheduling  Well-Child Visits

We schedule well visits up to three months in advance. We advocate scheduling this far in advance to assure you receive your desired appointment day and time with the provider of your choice.

Scheduling Multiple Well-Child Visits

Well-Child visits take extra time. After more than two decades of experience, we have found that parental attention span wanes when too much information is processed all at once. So that we can give our full attention to every child, we ask that you schedule a well child visit for no more than two children at one time. If you have specific concerns about a particular child, beyond those of routine well child care issues, such as ADHD, chronic constipation or difficulty in managing asthma, we will help you schedule another visit where we can fully address your concerns.

Scheduling Ill Visits

We pride ourselves on our availability to schedule ill visits 7 days a week. We have walk-in hours reserved on Monday mornings from 7:30 am to 8:30 am, allowing you to walk in for an unscheduled ill visit at your convenience. We also exclusively offer weekend hours from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm for ill visits only. If your child is ill, simply call our office and we will do everything we can to have them seen the same day.

Canceling Visits

In an effort to decrease unnecessary expenditures and to contain our fees, we have implemented a No Show/Cancellation Policy for all of our patients. We ask that if you need to cancel or reschedule your child’s’ appointment that you give our office a 24 hour notice to avoid a cancellation fee. Please click here to read more about this policy.

Billing and Insurance

Insurance Cards

To reduce the number of errors and incorrect billing, it is required that you present your current health insurance card at every visit. If we do not have your current insurance information it can result in billing the wrong insurance company which means our parents will end up with the full balance when the claim is denied. Please help us avoid this from happening by providing us with your most up-to-date insurance information at each visit.


Your insurance company requires us to collect your co-pays in our office prior to seeing one of our health care providers. The co-pay is the responsibility of the patient or the patient’s family.


If your account has an outstanding balance, please be prepared to pay the amount due or to let us help you make arrangements for a payment plan while you are in our office and prior to seeing the provider. For your convenience, we accept checks, cash, Visa and MasterCard for co-pays and balances.

Click here to read more about our Billing & Insurance policies and procedures.

Other Office Policies

Medications and Prior Authorizations

Medications that require prior authorization take about a week to get processed by the insurance company after the request has been received. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier with questions regarding the medications they cover. To ensure the safety of your child, an appointment is necessary when requesting to change medications.

Flu Vaccine

Starting in October each year, we offer influenza vaccination to our patients (ages 6 months and up) and our parents during specific “flu” clinics. Times for the clinics will be posted in the office and on our website.  We carry both the injected flu vaccine or the inhaled flu vaccine (Flumist).

Senders Pediatrics will not collect a co-pay at a “flu” vaccine visit because the vast majority of third-party payors cover the vaccine and do not require a co-pay. However, some companies, including some Medical Mutual policies charge a co-pay or do not cover Flumist. In those cases, the responsible parties must pay the full cost of the vaccine and will be billed by Senders Pediatrics.

Vaccination Policy

Our office prides itself on its ability to work harmoniously with almost all families including people of diverse backgrounds, variable interests and often eclectic approaches to life and to healthcare. We try to meet our families where they are with the goal of walking alongside them and serving as their trusted guides. One area, however, in which we have little flexibility, is in the area of vaccinations. We wholeheartedly support the position of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control that the current vaccine schedule is both safe and protective.

For this reason, we require all families to adhere to our standard vaccination policy. This policy ensures the children we care for individually are not at risk for contracting serious illnesses and that all families who are part of our practice can be assured that their child will not be exposed to or contract a vaccine preventable illness while they are being seen in our office.