Why Senders?

treehouseExciting and Innovative

Welcome to an exciting and innovative pediatric practice that cares for families one child at a time.

Your Child’s Medical Home

We developed Senders Pediatrics to be your child’s medical home. Our well trained and experienced providers can handle the majority of general pediatric medical issues. But if specialty care or outside testing ever proves necessary, we will help you navigate the health care system, we will contact the appropriate specialists and we will go the extra mile to get you the appointment you need when you need it. Most importantly, we will serve as the hub for all communication about your child’s needs.

A Safe and Fun Environment

We envisioned Senders Pediatrics to be a safe and fun place for your children to receive their pediatric health care. The lobby houses a two story tree house and has a separate waiting room equipped with computers for teens. Each exam room has its own age specific décor, books and toys that make visits fun and more comfortable for everyone. We have even pioneered a program to reduce the pain and fear of pediatric procedures to help reduce the anxiety of coming into the office.

Service, Communication and Education

We created Senders Pediatrics to prioritize service, communication and education. Our patient service personnel, nurse ombudsmen and providers are chosen because of their ability and willingness to do what it takes to provide you with an outstanding customer experience. And our newsletters, social media communications and patient portal provide you with an understanding of the issues and challenges that confront you every day.


We designed Senders Pediatrics to be an independent practice. We provide high quality, comprehensive health care services in one place and one time outside of the walls of a large institution and without the inconveniences larger systems may create. But we also provide your child with specialty backup from hundreds of outstanding providers across Northeast Ohio regardless of their healthcare affiliation.

We Help Figure Kids Out

Finally, we have worked hard to make Senders Pediatrics a place that “helps figure kids out!” Whether it is a learning style evaluation to help pinpoint a child’s learning strengths and stretches, sophisticated testing to correctly identify children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or an awareness of the books and specialists that can help a parent look beyond the tried and true, our commitment to give each and every parent the tools to be able to understand their child.

Please talk with us about your concerns! Senders Pediatrics is open seven days a week including weekends, is open early for walk-in patients each Monday morning and is open late on some evenings for your convenience. We want to be your pediatrician and the pediatrician for all of your friends. Let us know how we can help.

Below is a video about how Senders Pediatrics creates a fun filled experience for parents and children.