Meet Our Team



Our Provider Team encompasses a wide range of dedicated and compassionate Physicians and Nurse Practitioners. All of our Providers possess unvarying love for children, their hope for well-being, and the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships with our families. Their goal is to provide in-dispensable care to you and all of your child's healthcare needs.

Meet Our Provider Team


Our onsite Lactation Team consists of Lactation Consultants (LCs) who have years of experience in helping nursing mothers make the transition to a successful breastfeeding experience. If there are specific complications or issues that arise we also have the founder of Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio, Dr. Ann Witt who specializes in medical lactation support. She works with our LCs and all of our first time nursing mothers on day 2-3 of life. They will help you physically as well as emotionally, be the type of nursing mother that you always envisioned to be.

Meet Our Lactation Team

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching provides individuals or couples the opportunity to look at challenging family situations in a safe and supportive space. New perspectives, added skills, and fresh encouragement can turn frustration and negative reactions into proactive opportunities that allow you to teach your children a better way to respond to conflict. Coaching also supports parents in getting on the same page in order to set forth a more cohesive family foundation. When couples are able to support each other in their parenting, all aspects of the family environment are strengthened.

Meet Our Parent Coaching Team

Nurse Facilitators

Our Nurse Facilitators are the endearing voices you hear when calling the office for a medical advice question. All four of our Nurse Facilitators are Registered Nurses (RN's) who naturally possess the warm, compassionate care the resonates throughout the Senders Pediatrics culture. Each Nurse Facilitator has the renowned ability to put you and your family at ease for all of your healthcare needs.

Meet Our Nurse Facilitator Team

Patient Service Representatives

Our Patient Service Representatives are the enchanting voices you hear over the phone and the captivating smiles you see when you first walk in the door. This cohesive team is responsible for the day to day functions of our front office including all scheduling and any array of questions you may have pertaining to your care here at Senders Pediatrics.

Meet Our Patient Service Representative Team

Medical Assistants

Our Medical Assistants warmly welcome patients and families and escort them to exam rooms while maintaining compassionate relationships with patients and families throughout the visit. They conduct pre-exam interview, administer vaccines, draw blood blood along with many other daily tasks involving our wonderful families and patients.

Meet Our Medical Assistant Team


Our Research Team has been conducting clinical trials in collaboration with both pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions since 1995. They have developed a national reputation for our expertise in conducting both safety and immunogenicity trials. They are of a dynamic and enthusiastic team of research professionals who go the extra mile on a daily basis to cater to our patients everyday needs and questions.

Meet Our Research Team


Our in-house Billing team is constantly striving to bridge the gap between our patients and their insurances. They diligently work to assure all of your services are billed accurately and timely to your insurance. The team works hand-in-hand with your insurance company to guide you through the "Healthcare Maze." They are well nurtured in patient communication and can help you easily interpret your all of you billing questions.

Meet Our Billing Team


Our Administration team consists of three "behind the scenes" team players. Although you may not see them often they are an essential part in our day-to-day functioning. This is encompasses all of the details behind finances, technology, marketing and beyond.

Meet Our Administration Team