About Us

Compassionate Care

treehouseSenders Pediatrics provides exceptional care in a warm, inviting environment that puts parents and children at ease. Our experienced providers are well versed in the latest pediatric services and offer you answers in an uncommonly down-to-earth way. Our goal is to walk along side parents as they guide their children through the many twists and turns on the path to adulthood, from cradle to college. Senders Pediatrics has been a fixture on the Cleveland pediatric landscape for over 30 years. We strive to provide compassionate care and cutting-edge services. We have a variety of cutting-edge services that Senders Pediatrics offers to give families every opportunity to thrive.


Cutting-Edge Services

  • A nationally recognized breastfeeding support program that improves success rates by over 20%
  • Testing to identify the best solutions to meet the needs of children with educational challenges
  • Clinical trials that offer access to next-generation vaccines and medicines that benefit our patients as well as the greater society
  • Award winning parent coaching programming to support the next generation of parents
  • Classes to help parents confidently face every stage of a child’s development
  • Web, social media support and an appreciation of the tools of tomorrow’s healthcare while maintaining the personal touch and caring approach of health care providers of yesteryear

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