Medical Ear Piercing

Why Medical Ear Piercing?

For many years, we have been concerned about the outcomes of ear piercing procedures done at local jewelry stores. We have seen an unacceptable number of reactions to jewelry and localized infections. As a result, we elected to offer medical ear piercing as a value added service to both patients and not-yet-patients.

Safe and Sanitary Medical Grade Earrings

Blomdahl Medial Ear PiercingOur providers perform the ear piercing procedure using the Blomdahl method. Having this procedure done in our office ensures the use of safe technique, the availability of sound advice, and the presence of a comfortable atmosphere for your child during this exciting event. Our medical grade earrings are made from non-allergic materials (primarily titanium and medical plastic). We have performed hundreds of ear piercing procedures over the past 10 years with a less than 1% rate of infection.

Easy and Affordable

The fee for ear piercing in our office is $70 and includes the cost of the earrings. It is not a service that is covered by insurance. We accept patients as young as six months for this procedure. Single ear piercing is $47  with limited earring options.  To learn more about the Blomdahl method, click here.  While this method may include dual piercings; we feel single piercing provides the most precision.  Therefore, we only pierce one ear at a time. Please call our office at 216-291-9210 to schedule an appointment.